Freedom Wars: A potentially platform defining PS Vita game (Part 1)

Freedom Wars

If you own a PS Vita and haven't yet heard of Freedom Wars, here is your ticket to an awesome new experience on this platform.

Freedom wars is an action packed RPG battle game in third person POV, it is exclusive to the PS Vita and is one of the highest selling PS Vita games in Japan.

The game is set very far into the future and the human race resides in underground cities called "panopticons" because the surface of the planet is inhospitable and can no longer sustain human life.

A panopticon serves as an artificial city state offering security to its residents on the provision that they make resource based contributions. Resources are scarce and the dependence on resources is far from wearing thin, which inevitably forces each panopticon into war and political conflict. Many people are forced into serving sentences so the panopticon can function at a stable level, freedom has been sacrificed for security and inhabitants are closely and continuously watched by authorities of these dystopian surveillance societies. 

The inhabitants are monitored by dual purpose androids called "accessories".

Overpopulation has become such an issue that people who are arrested for the ridiculously large plethora of crimes are automatically found guilty regardless of whether or not they actually are. They are placed into a combat programme in which they are required to contribute as soldiers and "volunteer" for war to gain their freedom. These people are set up against Abductors, which are giant battle monsters known to capture civilians. Defeating these is classed as a contribution and will reduce the sentence. Sentences usually start at 1,000,000 years.

Part 2 coming soon, the next part will cover Gameplay... 

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