GTA Online: Upcoming Military DLC according to leak

GTA Online

Another legitimate DLC has been found in the source code of GTA V, this time bringing some military equipment and clothing.

We can't officially confirm anything when it comes to leaked DLC information, but since most of the updates have been true to the the leaks in the source code, its a good opportunity to share them.

Another significant discovery has been made in the source code, revealing a military/army DLC for GTA V and GTA Online. The exact name of this DLC has not yet been discovered, however this could be updated at any given time by Rockstar and we expect to see a name for this DLC in the short future. It is very likely that we will be seeing military face paints and clothing, and some new weapons and vehicles.

Tuesday's and Grand Theft Auto Online updates seem to correspond nicely and since November 11th 2014 is Veterans Day (Also known as Armistice Day), this seems like a perfect time for release of this update. 1.17 is likely to come before this so we may still be 1 or 2 game updates away from this new DLC, however if we are going to speculate a release date. Veterans Day is our best guess.

In addition to this, the Hydra is definitely on the way according to the source code, and the files in the code have been updated by Rockstar to allow toggle for the vertical take off and landing functionality. While the hydra was not featured in the National Aviation Day update (San Andreas Flight School), it could be featured in the next free update. The Hydra has not been officially confirmed by Rockstar but has existed in the source code since the launch of GTA V, so we can probably expect to see this very soon...

We will keep you fully updated so keep your eyes peeled for new information...

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