World of Diving: Deep sea Gameplay Trailers!

World Of Diving

World of Diving allows players to explore the magnificent world hidden beneath the ocean...

World of Diving is a singleplayer and multiplayer diving simulation experience allowing players to explore the vast and expansive world beneath the waves without getting wet. Players can search for shipwrecks, find treasure, document marine wildlife, salvage equipment and team up with friends to trek across the ocean in a recreational manner. Its not ambient however, the human is certainly not the top predator in the ocean and this game will live up to this - the ocean can be as dangerous as it is beautiful... You will be able to make your own character with a variety of customizable options and explore a hidden world underwater.

Below you will find a small collection of gameplay videos...

Early Access Trailer:

Oculus Rift Protoype Gameplay Trailer:

Support Video with Gameplay.

 Multiplayer Trailer.


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