Explore all of Great Britain in Minecreaft

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The British Geological Survey has created the entire map of Great Britain in Minecraft including England, Scotland, and Wales.

Creating your own worlds in Minecraft is great fun - sculpting the land as you see fit, constructing huge monuments to your own greatness, and generally going about doing whatever the heck you like in your own little universe. But what if I told you that you could explore the entirety of Great Britian in the game? Well, now you can.

As Eurogamer reports, the British Geolocial Survey (BGS) has created an accurate Minecraft version of Great Britian's geology. You can download it for free over on their website too - just make sure you've got Minecraft on PC and have 6GB spare on your hard drive.

The map includes England, Scotland, Wales and nearby islands, and it was built using the world data from the Ordnance Survey's own efforts last year.

The map also contains accurate layers of sand, stone, and soil etc.

Minecraft Terrain Info'In order to represent the geology found across Great Britain, BGS geologists were involved to select suitable Minecraft blocks for the parent material types. To do this they tried to find the best match in terms of hardness, texture and appearance,' as the BGS website states.

Other coloured blocks were used to create the roads, motorways, and built up areas.

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