Bioware have revealed a new co-op multiplayer component in the latest Dragon Age game, which isn’t behind a pay-wall and is all about dungeon-crawling.

In a rather lengthy multiplayer FAQ over on the Dragon Age blog, the devs discuss the co-op multiplayer mode in Dragon Age: Inquisition, answering many questions.

The mode will feature four-player co-op quests in an ‘action-packed dungeon-crawling’ experience, that’s separate from the single-player mode. Meaning multiplayer won’t affect the story of single-player, and more importantly, the ending.

The single and mulitplayer modes ‘were developed side by side’, says the blog. And as the single and multiplayer enviroments are ‘near-identical’ it meant that any improvements to the game were implemented across both modes.

The devs wanted ‘quick engagement’ with the multiplayer, and want it to be ‘easy to play a round, acquire new loot, and jump back into the action.’ So, when completing a mission in multiplayer you’ll use gold coins you acquire to buy chests which contain various items, including weapons, potions, armour and more.

At launch there’ll be twelve characters available for use in multiplayer, made up of four for each of the game’s classes – warrior, rogue, and mage. You’ll be able to level these characters up to level 20, at which point you can ‘promote your character, which will give you an extra attribute point’. Prestige points are gained from promoting, adding to your standing on the leaderboards.

A challenge system will be present, with the blog saying, ‘we will have a full challenge system implemented at launch, letting you pursue and track dozens of different challenges. Completing a challenge may also give you a reward. The challenge system will also be used to implement weekly operations. Every week, we will launch a new operation. Complete the operation, and you will receive a reward.’

Head on over to the blog post for the full rundown of the multiplayer mode.

With the popularity of Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer, it looks like Bioware are wanting to bring about the same kind of buzz with their Dragon Age franchise.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is due for release on 18th November in the US, and 21st November in Europe for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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