Six new PS4 games to look out for

Journey Cover

August has seen a sudden influx of new game reveals for PS4. Here are the ones that have grabbed our attention the most.

From Gamescom and elsewhere there’s been a fresh batch of PS4 game reveals in August. Some brand new, some crossing over from PC or PS3, but all currently set to be on PS4 first as far as consoles this generation go. Here’s six that have us keen to see more.


DayZ Artwork

It came as a very pleasant surprise to hear DayZ announced for PS4 at Gamesocom. This game has a reputation that goes before it on PC as a proper grown-ups zombie survival game, carrying with it the valuable lesson that in the real zombie apocalypse people can become just as much of a threat as the undead. There’s nothing to show of DayZ on PS4 and a release may be a while off, but this is one worth waiting for.


Wild is the first game from Rayman creator Michel Ancel's studio Wild Sheep and it has us very intrigued. Prehistoric online survival in a dynamic open-world the size of Europe where players can play as any living creature in the game? If that doesn’t grab you then check out the gorgeous graphics above.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

One we’ve been keeping an eye on for PC, Ethan Carter could succeed in giving a first person exploration game enough 'game-like' aspects to give you something to play with, without leaning on giving you guns or puzzles. For such a game to work an engrossing story and a decent atmosphere are of top importance, it looks like Ethan Carter has both of these things.


Hands down one of the best games on PS3. Journey feels like a game that’s been made by people that really understand games. Before you had 8th gen console games trumpeting seamless multiplayer you had Journey giving you an elegant example of what is possible. The game really grabs you emotionally and all with the simplest of touches. Plus it looks beautiful and no doubt the graphics are only going to get better on PS4.

Ether One

Another first person exploration game, this time with a mentionable pedigree on PC. Ether One delivers a story that really plays on the mind. The game has great atmosphere, great puzzles (if you want them), and good sound design. It appeals broadly to those that want a challenge or those that just want to get immersed in a story. A really well made game in our opinion.

The Tomorrow Children

Some impressive 3D graphical fidelity, an expressive mash of styles, Marxist idealism and giant robots; The Tomorrow Children comes across as beautifully odd. This game has Minecraft aspects and is deliberately open ended, but places an emphasis on collaboration where the majority of communication between players is limited to gestures. Will The Tomorrow Children spawn a coherent society or turn out a chaotic mess? We’re interested to find out.

There's our favourites from the recent PS4 game announcements this month. What do you make of the games in our selection?

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