P.T. Silent Hills Playable Teaser


The only me is me... Are you sure the only you is you?

Most of you will have recognized or already played the demo but for those who have not yet experienced P.T, you may want to wait until night time and plug in some headphones to the PS4 controller.

P.T. will enthrall you in horror and confusion as you plunge your way through a repeating series of rooms in a house. As you progress, you will notice that every time you advance you are looped back to where you previously started, however, things will be a little different and gradually more intense each loop. The further you progress, the more twisted and strange your surroundings will be.

What is interesting about P.T is that it is not a demo or preview of the new Silent Hill game, but instead a playable teaser of roughly what to expect horror-wise from the upcoming title. The playable teaser introduces gradual changes and elevations in tension and suspense in a traditional psychological horror style and you never quite understand when you are safe or not - there is a rather nasty and not so safe surprise if you manage to trigger it.

The only difficulty with P.T is the confusing part, in order to complete a sequence, various tasks or interactions have to be completed and there is absolutely no hint regarding what those interactions are, so unfortunately you may often be left blindly searching for ways in order to advance. The last sequence is by far the most bewildering.

Here is the trailer for the demo, you should probably check it out if you haven't!

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