Watch the original Deus Ex played at 1440p with HD textures

Deus Ex Cover

PC Gamer put's the Ion Storm classic through its paces using HD textures and an immensely powerful PC.

Do you have a PC that boasts Intel Core i7-490X @3.6GHz, 4 Nvidia GTX Titans, and 64GB DDR3 RAM? No, neither do I. But PC Gamer does!

Aptly named, the Large Pixel Collider, PC Gamer's behemoth custom PC is used to showcase games at their maximum potential, and then some. It ensures they'll never have to lower a game's visual settings down from maximum, ever.

In their latest demonstration they've taken Ion Storm's first person cyberpunk classic, Deus Ex, and given it some love with the 'New Vision' mod, which completely re-textures the game to allow for the high definition gameplay we're all used to nowadays. Take a look at the game running at 1440p below, then raid your piggy bank to start saving and build your own mega gaming rig.

Whilst the Large Pixel Collider can no doubt handle something more demanding, it's nice to see such a classic and brilliant game looking so good 14 years on.

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