Diablo 2 created in Minecraft takes you back to all the acts

Diablo 2 Minecraft Rogue Encampment 1

A Minecraft creator has crafted Blizzard's Diablo 2 environments, all in full 3D block form.

You can create anything you want to in Minecraft, from those ridiculous, and quite frankly awful, towers I tend to make, to stunning recreations of Blizzard's classic action-RPG, Diablo 2.

Over on D2jsp's forums, user laztheripper has painstakingly recreated the world of Sanctuary. Each of the game's four initial acts, plus the expansion's fifth, have been covered, with locations like the Rogue Encampment and Blood Moor, to Tristram and The Pandemonium Fortress. He's even gone as far as making the dungeons too, like the Forgotten Tower below. Now, where's my Diablo 2 disc?

Diablo 2 Minecraft Forgotten Tower Cellar Levels 1

Whether you're a fan of Diablo 2, Minecraft, neither or both, you have to admire laztheripper's determination and patience. Plus, the whole thing looks great and really accurate. Take a look at some more images below - you can see the rest over here. Thanks, Kotaku.

Diablo 2 Minecraft Rogue Encampment 1Diablo 2 Minecraft Burial Grounds 1Diablo 2 Minecraft Tristram 1Diablo 2 Minecraft Andariel's ThroneDiablo 2 Mincraft Pandemonium Fortress 1

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