Unofficial Pokemon Game Highlight: Pokemon Sienna (GBA ROM)

Pokemon Sienna

We will be covering some of the best unofficial pokemon hacks starting with Pokemon Sienna.

While the official Pokémon games may hold recognition as some of the most nostalgic titles from Nintendo, these hacks offer completely new experiences in the beloved retro style and are free and legal to download. Video game Hack of the Year, 2010: Pokémon Sienna is where we'll begin.

Pokémon Sienna runs on the Fire Red and Leaf Green game engine, and offers a brand new region to explore, Voultan, which is the homeland to a variety of new and pre-existing Pokémon. New starters, new evolutions and new legendary pokemon to catch. 

In addition to this, the game follows a brand new and completely original storyline with two rivals, and many new characters to meet and challenge. Various other features have also been included such as side-quests.

Despite the game's very positive reviews, it still remains unfinished and in beta stage, so you won't be able to complete it, which is unfortunate. Whether this game will ever get finished is unknown. Only seven gyms are playable and the end of the beta is ambiguously left to the players perception and judgement, for the experience it delivers however, it almost feels like a full product.



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