Microsoft’s Games with Gold program offers up Dishonored for the rest of August on Xbox 360.

We’re already 16 days in to August, and that means Xbox’s Games with Gold offers up its second free game for Xbox 360. Earlier in the month we gave you the heads up on what titles you could pick up for free as part of Xbox’s free games program, so hopefully you’ve downloaded Motocross Madness before today, as it’s now unavailable as a free title.

So, what is the free Xbox 360 game for the second part of August? It’s Dishonored, Bethesda and Arkane Studios’ first person stealth assassin title, set in an industrial steampunk world.

In the game you play as Corvo, a bodyguard to the Empress who’s framed for her murder. From there you become an assassin and must search out those who framed you, all the while using your assassin skills and extra magic abilities. In short, the game is a masterpiece – it’s incredibly atmospheric, good looking, and the gameplay is solid. Take a look at the trailer below for a taste of what you’ll be playing, and then fire up that Xbox 360 and get it downloaded, you’ve got no excuse.

Xbox One owners can still download their free games this month, which are Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero. Remember, you need to be an Xbox Live Gold member to be eligible for these offers.

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