Assassin’s Creed Unity demo; mod missions & stunning Parisian setting

Assassins Creed Unity Screen Paris Rooftop E3 1

Ubisoft’s current gen Assassin’s Creed game looks great, and in this new demo we see many new gameplay features and gorgeous scenery.

We’re treated to 11 minutes of in-game single player campaign footage from Assassin's Creed Unity, narrated by creative director of the game, Alex Amancio.

In the demo we see Arno (main protagonist) as he speaks to a man, another assassin it would seem  (possibly his mentor), about their mission, as he says to Arno, ‘you’re not an apprentice any more, boy’. To which he gestures for Arno to study his surroundings and make his own plan of action. Moving from Arno’s rooftop vantage point and down to street level, the camera shows his target moving through the crowd, as Arno thinks of how to best complete his mission. The camera also zooms out to give an amazing, and beautifully-rendered, view of Notre Dame – this game oozes detail.

Amancio explains that all the main assassinations in the game are in missions called ‘blackboxes’, which allow players to tackle them any way they like – so, ‘we give you an objective and that’s it. No linear paths or narrow level design are forced upon you,’ says Amancio.

‘MOD missions’ are also talked about, which are kind of secondary objectives within the main mission that will give you alternate ways or advantages to completing your task. On top of this we’re shown ‘fast-descent’ from the top of a building, which allows you to quickly, and smoothly, descend from a high point to a lower one. The newly integrated stealth mode is also showcased, which gives you the ‘silence and agility of a predator.’

Take a look at the demo below.

Assassin's Creed Unity is due for release on 28th October 2014 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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