The Evil Within DLC season pass announced

The Evil Within cover

Three add-ons for the game to bring additional story and challenges.

A season pass for Shinji Mikami's, The Evil Within will allow for players to make a saving on additional content planned for the game.

Bethesda announced the season pass earlier this week giving a price of $19.99. The pass will offer access to three planned add-on packs at a discounted rate.

The first add-on pack in the works will let you play as the suitably twisted, box-headed Keeper (pictured below) in a selection of mission-based maps.

The Evil Within Season Pass


The second and third add-ons will feature Sebastian Castellanos' detective partner, Julie Kidman as you uncover new areas of the game that embellish the original campaign.

Bethesda have said the Season Pass will be available either digitally or from selected retailers.

The Evil Within is coming to PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on 14th October in North America and 17th October in Europe.