Fable Legends Gamescom trailer glimpses at the darker side of the game

Fable Legends Shroud And Inga Face A Puck

Lionhead Studios latest venture into the world of Albion takes a more evil turn in the latest Gamescom trailer shown during Xbox’s conference

Traditionally Fable games have mainly been single player experiences, but with the newest addition to the series they’re taking on co-op play.

Previous trailers have shown the gameplay mostly from the heroes' perspective – four players band together to defeat a fifth player that controls the enemies and traps they face. In the new trailer below we’re given the villain’s take on the action. Not holding back, the villain deploys his minions and traps to thwart the do-gooders’ and asks you, ‘who will take their place, who will save Albion now?’

You can sign up to the Fable Legends multiplayer beta on the website. The beta is due autumn 2014 on Xbox One, with the full game released some time in 2015.

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