We have a look at some of the iconic gadgets and tech from Back to the Future 2 and see how close and how far away we are to the movies version of 2015.

The Back to the Future trilogy is without doubt one of the best trilogies made to date. We have a look at the gadgets and tech from Back to the Future 2 as 2015 is not far away so let’s have a look.

Power laces

Status: Not yet

When everyone saw Marty Mcfly’s Nike Air Mag automatically fit his feet when he first puts them there has been a huge desire to own a pair. Nike did actually release replicas of the iconic movie trainers a few years back (which incidentally if you want a pair command huge prices on eBay). The official replica Nike Air Mag trainers lit up just as they did in the movie but still omitted the much sought after ‘Power Laces’ feature.

That doesn’t mean that people haven’t tried though. Check out the video below to see real prototype ‘Power Laces’ in action. Its getting closer to reality and we still have a year to go to be on parity with the movie so you never know you could be wearing them at some point.

Video calling

Status: Here

Do you remember the scene where 2015’s Marty Mcfly was talking and colluding with Needles face to face via the phone. Well this tech has come true but is still a mere novelty, people still prefer talking over the phone however we can via Skype, Face time and myriad of other platforms including smart TV’s which is where the resemblance is near identical.

The Fax he received saying he was fired has been surpassed though by email and instant messaging. Here’s the scene from the film which is pretty much spot on for where we are today.

The Hoverboard

Status: Here (on water)

The Hoverboard has been on everyone’s must have list for a very long time and many have tried (and failed) to do it justice, it’s just not possible (at the moment) to do in an urban environment or solid ground in general. But if you on water then yes you can with the Rocky Mountain Flyboard which has a sense of irony attached to it as in the movie the Hoverboard wouldn’t work on water! Check out the video below to see for yourself, it definitely looks awesome.

Flying cars

Status: Here

Flying cars have been in popular science fiction since, well, ever but they still are not a reality for the masses and even if they were they would be a lot of questions to answer such as what if you break down on the skyway and do you need a pilot’s license to drive (or is that fly) one?

The dinky looking propeller driven Aerocar which came out in 1949 and in the 50’s it was tired with the Avrocar which looked a lot like a UFO and is jet powered; It didn’t take off though (well perhaps a few feet) so we’ve all had to make do with four wheels firmly planted on the road for the time being.

Things are happening in this field though. Companies such as Terrafugia have created what’s billed as a practical flying car, the ‘Transition’ which switches from car to airplane, it looks fun and is showing progress but it still not something that’s close to mass market adoption yet as you can’t just hop in and cruise down the skyway to the local shop to pick up some bread and milk or the Sunday papers as you still need a runway.

Their TF-X concept however looks set to address that with vertical take-off capabilities. Here’s the current ‘Transition’ model in action.

3D Holograms

Status: Here

Remember the scene in Hill Valley where Marty Mcfly freaks out at the giant holographic shark that was advertising Jaws 15? (10 sequels to go before 2015, you can so it Mr. Spielberg). Well similar technology is here now and in action. check out this amazing footage from a show in Dubai. Its pretty impressive.

Fusion Power

Status: Not yet.

Mr Fusion was the dependable and far safer power source for the Delorean in Back to the Future 2, a few banana skins, a beer can and other organic matter (basically stuff from the trash can) was thrown in and off they went which is a lot safer than using Plutonium to generate the 1.21 Gigawatts of electricity to propel the car through time.

Mr Fusion is definitely not something we will see anytime soon but the research for fusion power is beginning to take shape and could be with us in a few decades. Construction is currently underway in the south of France to build a test fusion reactor. The globally backed project called ITER will hopefully crack the secret to fusion power and then the world will have a clean, carbon free way of powering the world and perhaps one day fusion powered Delorean time machines but for now we’ll just have to wait.

Here’s the classic Mr Fusion clip from the movie.

So in some areas we’ve had the the tech for quite a while already and in others we still have to wait and see, however there is still time as 2015 is still a few months away so you never know what might come out.

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