New Division details about looting, crafting, AI, New York, and more

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In an interview with executive producer Fredrik Rundqvist, he talks about the world, crafting, the smaller details of the game and more.

In an interview with Examiner, Fredrik Rundqvist, executive producer on Ubisoft’s The Division, revealed some information about the environment, crafting, factions and more.

As a massively multiplayer (MMO) game, Rundqvist was asked whether playing alone would take anything from the overall experience; Rundqvist responded by saying, ‘not really’, although the team have been ‘designing and prototyping the game from the start to be a multiplayer game.' He continued, 'honestly, I play the game every week with the team and I play on my own. I’m not a co-op kind of guy and it’s still great. I think it’s fair to say that the game really shines when you play with other people.’

Whether you’re playing alone or with others, you’ll be able to alter ‘different specs and different loadouts’ when you like, without creating a new character. How this works exactly is unclear, but Rundqvist said, ‘[sometimes] I may want to be the medic this time, maybe the brute force kind of guy the next time. This way you don’t have to create a new character or restart the game. You just go into your menu and change what you want.’

When speaking of the New York environment itself, and how the different indoor and outdoor locations will work, Rundqvist said, ‘I think it’s the physical space. If you’re outdoors, you’re more long range. You have more options and unpredictable stuff happening. If you’re indoors, it’s a bit more confined and a bit more predictable.’ He also said there will be more outdoor combat on street level than indoor combat.

The Division will require you to think too, bringing a sense of realism with ammo not just being sprawled out all over the world in convenient places; if you need ammo you must think of where it’s most likely to be, so head to a ‘police station’ or ‘sporting goods store’ perhaps. If you need a med-kit, well it’s going to most likely be in a hospital. It makes sense to us.

The AI will also act differently in the world depending on certain situations, for example if it’s night they’ll act differently than if it were day. And if it’s ‘really snowy, some of them will stay inside and some of them will go out.’

The smaller details, like shooting buckets of paint and having the paint ‘splashing everywhere’, were described by Rundqvist; ‘What you’ll see in this year’s demo are the paint buckets that shoot up and you can see the paint splashing everywhere’. He went on to say, ‘if you look at a guy playing the game over and over again, you’re going to see it’s a different splash each time, and it’s [part of the game’s] physics.’

Crafting was also touched upon, with Rundqvist saying that whilst it is a ‘major component’, it’s not necessary to progress in the game. The entire game map is accessible from the start too; ‘[The Division] about exploring, it’s about investigation; it’s about playing the game the way you want,’ said Rundqvist.

The Division is shaping up to be a greatly immersive experience, with it's focus on being as realistic as possible, but also bringing fun RPG and co-op mechanics into play. More is likely to be revealed at Gamescom next week, so we'll update you when we hear anything new.

Again, head here if you want to read the full interview - it's spread out amongst various articles to cover different topics.

The Division is due for release in 2015 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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