Documentary makers seek out lovers who met through MMOs


Did you and your significant other hook up via a video game?

Back2Back productions are currently actively seeking participants for a film documenting couples that fell in love and got together after meeting in MMO games such as World of Warcraft and Second Life.

Filming has already started for the show which will air on a ‘major TV channel’, though the company are still on the search for loved-up partners that first met each other through games.

Back2back’s MD David Notman-Watt told MCV that the hour long documentary is intended to challenge some of the more negative public preconceptions held about gaming, “Virtual gaming has changed dramatically in recent years,” he said,

“It’s fascinating to meet people whose relationships have blossomed as the line between role-play and real life has become increasingly blurred.”

If you met your partner through playing games online and you fancy being on the telly, you can get more information on the show by contacting

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