Windows Smartwatch concept design, traditional and incredible

Windows Smartwatch Concept By Nadir Aslam 1

A German designer has created one of the best looking concepts for a smartwatch we’ve seen.

Do you own a smartwatch? No, neither do I. In fact, I don’t even own a watch… I must buy one, really. Anyway, as you may know there are quite a few smartwatches out there, many with their square faces and graphical displays that favour the futuristic look. With little word on a Windows addition to the line-up, designer Nadir Aslam has created his own concepts for a Windows smartwatch.

Opting for a more traiditional style, the watch boasts leather straps and a round face. The actual watchface can be customised too, allowing for ticking hands or a digital display, whichever you like. Cortana, of Halo fame, will act like Siri from Apple devices. She will be on hand, or wrist should I say, to answer your questions and help out you.

Notifications from apps will show as a tile across the watchface, allowing you to take action there and then, or just swipe down and dismiss it. Many apps are shown in action on the image below, including weather, navigation via GPS, Xbox Music, and a friends app for calling, messaging and newsfeeds.

If I was going to buy a Smartwatch, I’d definitely be looking at something like this. I think it’s the traditional style that I like, how about you?

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