Manchester United coach Frans Hoek has enjoyed a long and illustrious time in the dugout with manager Louis van Gaal.

The man with his face to the camera in the above shot will now be familiar to all Manchester United supporters.

He is Louis van Gaal, a a 62-year-old manager who has achieved great success at Ajax, Barcelona, AZ and Bayern Munich. He is also a coach renowned for his nurturing of youth talent, ability to create superstars and for his tactical nous.

In the same photograph is a man whose fame is far inferior, however, he is also a man who has known van Gaal for approximately 20 years.

From lining up in squad photographs for Ajax, through to a continued partnership at Barcelona, the Netherlands national football team and now Manchester United – goalkeeper coach Frans Hoek perhaps knows van Gaal better than most.

“What I find with Louis is we’re both physical educators and have Masters degrees in Physical Educationl,” he said. “We are not like former players who did not have a University education as well, so we meet each other there and, as well as looking forward to the feeling of being a player, we also have scientific backgrounds that we really use in teaching and developing and stuff like that.”

Hoek, who will be training David de Gea and Anders Lindegaard, continued by talking about how his career has developed working alongside van Gaal in the dugout: “We complement each other in the things we do and that means working with Louis is always working at the highest level, always going for the highest prizes, and for the best clubs in the world. It feels comfortable. It feels good.

“We still develop every day. There is no routine, no ‘we did it like that so we do it again’. Every day is a challenge and completely different. I haven’t seen two days the same as long as I’ve worked with him. You cannot be in a routine – you have to develop.

“We have a very good co-operation and understanding together. One of the things I like as well in that co-operation is we always strive for a better way of doing it. The society is changing every day and we have to change with it. The players change too. The players you see now are not like the players of 10 years ago. So we have to look at it.”

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