PlayStation Plus free games for PS4 - Fez and Road Not Taken

Fez Cover

Now available on the UK PSN Store are two free indies to try out on your PS4

Two indie games to add to your PlayStation Plus Instant game collection are up for PS4 this month. One a much-lauded indie champion the other a brand new game, currently only out for PS4 and PC.


Delivered in a pixelated style with NES-style sound effects, Fez is rich with references to 8-bit games the likes of Tetris and Super Mario Bros, yet the game which plays out is something quite explorative and modern. Thanks to a magical hat, Gomez is able to flip his 2D surroundings around in a 3D space, revealing means of passage through Fez’s puzzles as he sets out to collect cube fragments in order to stop the universe from imploding. Receiving a hugely positive response when it first came out, Fez is a true indie gem and well worth a play.


Road Not Taken

An intriguing roguelike puzzler from SpryFox, inspired by a poem and set in a frozen wood. Gameplay revolves around a series of procedurally-generated puzzles set out on a grid pattern, where you move objects around to meet specific goals, such as reuniting families and gathering certain objects into groups. SpryFox previously made the stand-out mobile game Triple Town and if the gameplay for Road Not Taken is equally as taxing and addicting this game could have you sinking serious time into it.

That’s the pair of free PS4 games on Plus in August. You can download them for free now from the PlayStation Store, where they remain until PlayStation Plus updates next month. If you’d like to let us know what you think of this month’s free PS4 games on PS Plus you can leave a comment below or join in on our facebook page.

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