Gamer hooks up Xbox 360 to 1970s TV – it’s strangely appropriate

Xbox 360 Logo On 1970s TV

An Xbox 360 running on such an old TV is one thing, but playing games that strangely fit the combination is another.

If you’ve ever thought about hooking up your modern day console to a TV from the 1970s, stop right there, because Redditor awesomedan24 has already done it, so you don’t have to.

The images below show the Xbox 360 start-up screen and Watch Dogs running on the old black and white set.

Xbox 360 Logo On 1970s TV

Watch Dogs On 1970s TV

Watch Dogs On 1970s TV 2

The Reddit thread on this awash with suggestions of games that would look appropriate on the TV set, such as Bioshock, and Fallout 3 – especially its ‘Tranquility Lane’ quest where you’re put in a virtual reality 1950s-style neighbourhood.

Awesomedan24 also shared his videos from his YouTube channel, and in the one below you’ll see him play the ‘Leave it to the Saints’ section of Saints Row IV. It’s another 1950s-style portion of a game, and it looks weirdly fitting when played on such an old TV. Enjoy.

Other images showing Nintendo's Star Fox (Star Wing in Europe), Goldeneye and the PlayStation 2 logo are below.

 Goldeneye On 1970s TVPlayStation 2 Logo On 1970s TV

StarFox On 1970s TV

For those of you who want to take yourself back to a time without high definition displays and coloured images, it looks like there's hope for you. Whilst cool to look at, and although it certainly adds something to 'Leave it to the Saints', we'll stick to our HD displays.

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