A fan has filmed Ben Affleck dressed as Bruce Wayne on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Detroit.

Following on from the footage we published yesterday on the set of the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, images have emerged of Ben Affleck portraying Bruce Wayne on the very same set.

Samuel Otten has uploaded the footage he recorded onto his YouTube channel. In the video below you’ll first see stills of Affleck decked out in a blue shirt and purple waistcoat near the crushed bus we saw in yesterday’s top-down chopper coverage. Otten also describes seeing children holding hands whilst moving in a line, as if they were being rescued from the building. Thanks, ComicBookMovie.

Otten also tweeted some still images of Affleck.




Whilst they’re not the clearest of images and footage, it still helps us to build a picture of what the movie is going to be like. The tone was certainly set when leaked footage of a stand-off between Batman and Superman was posted online – unfortunately the footage was removed, but you can check out our description of it over here. And we also know what Gal Gadot is going to look like as Wonder Woman too.

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