GTA V Online heists mode animation leaked

GTA Online

Rockstar Games are yet to release the heists mode for GTA Online, but one YouTube modder may have discovered some animations from the upcoming mode.

Heists in GTA Online, this subject has been the topic of speculation and debate since the game first hit our consoles. When is it coming? Is it actually coming? Why isn’t it here yet!? Madness. Well, just to add a little more fuel to the heists conspiracy fire, we’ve got a video for you below which appears to show specific animations for the yet-to-be-released mode.

With thanks to YouTuber Chr0m3 x MoDz, the video displays the folder name the animation files can be found in, as well as the names of those files. All 104 animations are demonstrated, street mime style, with the likes of; putting cash into a bag in various positions, and opening safe doors. Sadly no 'stuck in a box' here though. Anyway, enjoy, speculate, and then long for the DLC to be released. Thanks, VG247.

We’re guessing the heists DLC will be released some time near the launch of the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game. Obviously it would be great to have it earlier, but our gut tells us otherwise. And then there’s gamescom happening in over just a week, so we could be seeing an announcement then – but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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