Before The Last of Us: The top five PS4 games of 2014 so far

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Here’s 5 of our favourite PS4 games for the year so far while we're putting The Last of Us Remastered through its paces.

We’ve been getting wowed by The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 over the weekend and Naughty Dog’s masterpiece will no doubt be making its way onto the top PS4 games lists across the internet.

But what of the best games leading up to The Last of Us? Which games on PS4 so far this year are also worthy of inclusion in the top PS4 games lists? Below we have selected the top five games so far this year that we’ve enjoyed on PS4 prior to TLOU’s second coming.

5. Wolfenstein: The New Order 

Wolfenstein The New Order Screen


It was surprisingly good fun to rejoin B J Blazkowicz’s ongoing Nazi slaying mission, this time with a series of increasingly large mechs to take out on the way. The New Order attempts to recapture the feel of old school FPS games, where the main thrust of the action was running about at velocity with the biggest guns you could find, blowing stuff up. Taking this nod to 1990s shooters, The New Order blends the action with more modern mechanics, character upgrades, occasional stealthy ninja-ing and changes in pace common with current action adventures. The gunplay is slug-thumpingly hardcore and all the guns you pick up feel great to shoot with. Although the plot was as realistic as the shooting, it had its moments and the characters were quite well done. We were encouraged by The New Order in light of the planned reboot to Wolfenstein’s heir, Doom. Please id do not mess it up!

4. Transistor

Transistor screen


Transistor is a game as clever as it is beautiful. There is a thoughtful strategic aspect to the combat where freezing time allows you to pre-plan a very precise set of combat moves. During your battle planning you have added, “Get” and “Bounce” attacks to draw in enemies then knocking them for six. The resulting action plays out fluidly and stays gratifying all game long. Rather economically, your Transistor sword doubles up as your guide and narrator through the game, which you can also tweak with different programs to upgrade as you wish. Moving through the futuristic Cloudbank world on a mission to take down your robotic enemies from the Process is delivered with some impressive artwork and lovely tunes. If this is one you haven’t tried yet we think it is definitely worthy of a play.

3. Watch_Dogs

Watch Dogs screen


Watch_Dogs, despite the over-hype does a good job of taking cool aspects of other big open-world games and blending them together with new hi-tech voyeuristic opportunities. You clamber around Chicago’s skyscrapers Assassin’s Creed style, race around the city like a GTA bad-man and engage in some tight combat that allows for stealthy take-downs. While doing all this you hack into the world and the people in it like a kind of vigilante Big Brother able to delve into the sometimes baffling lives of the city’s inhabitants, bringing power outages, raising roadblocks and the like. Beyond all this, there is loads more to do with a broad selection of game modes to get into, including the rather gimmicky but nonetheless fun second screen asymmetric multiplayer and mind-bending augmented reality Digital Trips.

2. InFamous: Second Son

InFamous Second Son screen


A fresh lease of life breathed into the InFamous series with the bells and whistles you’d expect from a current gen first party title. The graphics really are something to write home about and we were impressed with the draw distances, the lighting effects and richness of detail to the game world. The experience of galavanting around Seattle with your lusciously colourful super powers, taking the fight to the DUP offers a high enough fun factor to leave you wanting more, especially so as the game sadly doesn’t have much to do in it outside of the main story missions. First Light is coming along soon however.

1. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Tomb Raider PS4 screen


What we love about Tomb Raider is that it excels over Naughty Dog’s treasure hunting contender, Uncharted in delivering gameplay options. You can slink off mid-battle to go and check out a hidden tomb, calling in at your campfire for some quick weapon or character upgrades. Lara loves to share her knowledge of antiques and artifacts with you while Nate Drake tends to hide his museum-sense under a bushel and collecting treasures has more of a point. In keeping with the remastered for PS4 remit, the Definitive Edition which hit PS4 early this year shows Lara at her very grubbiest with impressive levels of detail. New environmental elements add to the visual storytelling umph of the beautifully realised Yamatai Island and the lighting effects have been dramatically improved. We thoroughly enjoyed playing the game a second time on PS4 and eagerly await the next installment.

That’s our top five games so far. While we play The Last of Us Remastered, we feel it’s definitely got the credentials to be included in the best games of the year. When the final quarter rolls along an influx of new big games for PS4 is due, but in the meantime we can recommend the titles above and, of course, The Last of Us Remastered really is worthy of a play.

Have you enjoyed the games above on your PS4 this year? What games not on the list have you been getting into?

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