PS4 Pick of the Week: The Last of Us Remastered

The Last Of Us Remastered

This week’s worthy PS4 game really is a no-brainer.

Save for MMORPGs, I can count on one hand how many games I’ve forked out extra money on after the initial game purchase. TLOU Remastered is the only game so far I’ve bought twice (take my money Sony!) But it is worth it? In a word yes.

It’s a joy to revisit the game (this is my fourth play through) with the added shine of graphical upgrades and the benefits of the visual tweaks are immediately evident. In the opening sequence especially, (one of the real highlights of the game) you’re left watching, as much as playing as the chaos unfolds around you.

Lighting is more vibrant; the palette deeper; the greens of the foliage enrichened and the earthy tones of the interiors all the more dank and dingy. Water animations look great, the character models appear more delineated and weathered and little details fizzle on the surface.

The game runs beautifully smoothly too and combined with the graphics these two components give a new depth of immersion. This is increased further by the audio snippets routed through the DualShock 4 and to get really lost in the game, you have the new photo mode feature, allowing you to put things on hold while you get creative with the luscious graphics.



The narrative and acting which made the game so loved first time round are untouched. Having played the game before, the remastered experience feels something like revisiting a much-loved old film on a Blu-ray transfer.

For those new to the game, The Last of Us Remastered really is a treat and a game to make the PS4 stand out. Naughty Dog were careful in choosing the word remastered for the PS4 TLOU port, though I  feel this is a definitive edition of the game (a subtitle already given to the PS4 remaster of Tomb Raider).

We’ve already pondered whether The Last of Us will get a game of the year award a second year on the trot and from what I’ve seen so far it certainly seems like a strong contender.

If you’re getting stuck into The Last of Us Remastered on your PS4 how are you finding it? If you’ve already played the game, is the second purchase worth it?


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