Three US patents indicate Samsung could be opting for more traditional designs for their smartwatches in the future.

Engadget has reported on a possible round faced smartwatch to come from Samsung in the future. Considering most smartwatches have square or slightly oblong displays, Samsung could be another company that goes with a more traditional round face design, like Motorola.

Some US design patents show that the designs for these smartwatches favour the circular design, which is unlike Samsung’s previous venture into the smartwatch world with the Galaxy Gear. The charge point for the watches appear on the straps too, along with what appear to be sensors or cameras.

Are Samsung going to manufacture any of these desgins? It’s uncertain. But they’re there, should they wish to bring a more traditional style to the market.

As Engadget mentions, the patents were filed back in March 2013. So that’s before Samsung saw the impact the Galaxy Gear had, or didn’t have rather. If there’s any hope for these circular designs, they’re going to have to put some serious thought into the them, in order to make any large impact in the market.

You can check out the patents here, here, and here.