Think you’re good at Dishonored? Think again!


Rabbit’s Respawn takes let’s play videos and throws them out the window, and he’s super slick whilst doing it.

Redditor Mettalligod666 has shared a video of Rabbit’s Respawn playing Dishonored over on his YouTube channel. Now, I’ll say this, YouTube videos of people playing video games are two a penny, some with little or no narration from the player, to some fully spoken over footage – Rabbit’s Respawn takes it in a different direction, with slick narration of what he’s doing, about to do, and why he’s doing it, to a point where you sometimes feel like he is the character you’re watching. Very entertaining.

Take a look at Rabbit’s Respawn’s ‘HOW I ASSASSIN’ video below, where he turns off the heads up display (HUD) and pulls off moves I could couldn't even dream of. Oh, and look out for the ‘Jesus shot’ too – awesome!

Rabbit’s Respawn has plenty of other videos on his channel, including vids on Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider and Fallout 3, with skill-shot montages and more.



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