40th anniversary of the sandwich toaster reveals the UK’s top fillings

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40 years has passed since the invention of the sandwich toaster, and we’ve got some stats for the top fillings in the UK for you to look at.

Everyone loves a good sandwich, right? Take two slices of your favourite bread, butter it (or not, if that’s how you roll), and throw a number of your favourite fillings in the middle. Voila, instant meal! But how could we possibly make this behemoth of a staple food creation any better? Toast it!

That’s right, the sandwich can, and should, be made even better by toasting it. The kitchen appliance maker, Breville, created the original sandwich toaster back in the 70s and since then it’s been an appliance used in many homes around the world. So, with it being the 40th anniversary of the device, we’ve got some interesting stats for you that show the top 10 toasted sandwich fillings in the UK.

A survey of 2,000 adults aged 18 and over, performed by OnePoll on behalf of Breville in May 2014, discovered the top 40 toasted sandwich fillings, but to keep it a little more concise we’ll lay down the top 10 for you below.

1. Cheese and ham

2. Cheese and onion

3. Cheese and tomato

4. Bacon and brie

5. Bacon, lettuce and tomato

6. Cheese and beans

7. Chicken, bacon and mayo

8. Beans and sausage

9. Mushrooms and bacon

10. Tuna and cheese

 The number one spot, cheese and ham, gathered up 47% of the votes, with cheese and onion at 37%, and cheese and tomato at 30%. Looking at the top ten, they all seem like pretty regular fillings, meant to satiate you at lunch time and see you through the rest of the day, but further down in the top forty it looks like people really like to make a main meal of it; at 23 we have full English breakfast; pizza comes in at 31; and at 39 some people like some salmon, egg and sour crème in theirs’. Personally I like the classic cheese and ham, plain and simple, but the list above has given me some great ideas to try out at least.

The research conducted also found that 85% of people still eat toasted sandwiches, with 17% having one or more of them daily. And with all that, I now know exactly what I'm having for lunch tomorrow.

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