Maisie Williams in the running for the part of Ellie in Last of Us film.

It’s been revealed at Comic-Con that the Sam Raimi produced Last of Us movie could be drawing on the talents of Game of Thrones’ actress Maisie Williams to play the role of Ellie.

Raimi whose previous work includes the Evil Dead series and the original Spider-Man trilogy made a surprise appearance at the Screen Gems panel along with TLOU creator Neil Druckmann who reportedly has been given extensive creative control over the project including decisions over casting and direction.

With Hugh Jackman and Josh Brolin as current fan favourites for a prospective Joel Deadline reports that, “the choice most heavily favored to play Ellie is Maisie Williams, the Game Of Thrones star who’s so sparked about this prospect that she would have shown up for today’s panel were she not waylaid by being part of an Entertainment Weekly cover shoot for GOT.”

Raimi said of the upcoming TLOU film, “It’s gonna be a great character journey, a great love story, and great horror fiction.”

Speaking to IGN in May, Druckmann stated that a potential TLOU movie would be a straight adaptation of the game.

A poster teasing the Last of Us movie was revealed by Sony after the panel showing a Ellie-a-like brandishing a knife

No solid confirmation for any of the cast for TLOU has as yet been provided


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