Update: New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice leaked footage pulled

Batman V Superman Logo

San Diego Comic Con played host to a behind closed doors peak at the first footage from 2016’s Batman v Superman movie.


The leaked footage we showed below has been pulled from the YouTube source, due to a copyright claim from Warner Bros. Entertainment, which was inevitable. Hopefully the studio will officially release the footage in all it's HD glory at some point soon, it's incredibly atmospheric, and if you're a fan of either character, you'll love it.

To elaborate a little further on our description below; the footage shown was of Batman atop a building, presumably in Gotham City, on a stormy night - thunder is booming, lightning firing off, rain hammering down. Batman lights up the bat signal into the sky to reveal Superman floating in its light, his eyes glowing red and Batman's eyes glowing pure white from his armoured suit. It then cuts to the movie logo.

Original Story:

Don’t expect high quality footage here, as it’s been recorded on someone’s phone by the looks of things. However, this is the first glimpse anyone has had of the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, and from what we can see it’s looking rather dark and brooding.

Take a look at the short footage below which shows Batman in what looks to be an armoured version of his suit from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, as he lights the sky with the bat signal, and Superman eerily floats in the light as his eyes glow red.

Director Zack Snyder seems to have pulled off a perfect tone for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, from what we can see in this teaser. Let’s hope the rest of the movie follows suit.

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