Modder will ensure CJ from San Andreas appears in GTA V on PC

GTA V CJ Johnson Mod AlMiCo 1

In anticipation of GTA V on PC and current-gen consoles, a Redditor has created CJ from San Andreas in HD form.

GTA V is on its way to PS4, Xbox One and PC, we know this. What we don’t know is what mods are going to be made when the PC modding community get its hands on it, and that’s ruddy exciting.

Over on Reddit, user AlMiCo (Alec Courtney) has posted up some of his own work in creating a HD version of Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson from GTA San Andreas, to mod into GTA V, only this time he’s in his 40’s to match up with the timelines. 

Over on, Alec said;

“I started the concept last night. It's a very quick sketch up. I want him to fit perfectly in to the world along with Franklin. I'm open for suggestions, but please be realistic with your requests.

My first question is would you guys prefer a younger CJ or an older version to fit with the GTA timeline? I think we should go for an older CJ as long as you can tell it's him as soon as you look at him. The clothing below fits well in to the gang culture. I think a vest and blue jeans would be way too obvious. I will capture his likeness in his face, not through his clothing. I also think his build should be medium. Some people don't like to play as a tank, and others prefer to not play as bones.


I know that I'm new to the GTA modding scene, but with the release of GTA V PC I'm hoping to invest a lot of time, and impress you guys.”

Consider us impressed.

Check out the images and comparisons below, and be sure to check out Alec's website for more of his work, and to stay up to date with his progress on this project.

GTA V CJ Johnson Mod AlMiCo 1

GTA V CJ Johnson Mod AlMiCo 2

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