Kevin Love NBA Trade latest: Chicago Bulls aim to edge Cleveland Cavaliers

Can the Chicago Bulls beat the Cleveland Cavaliers to sign Kevin Love?

We are in late July, and still Kevin Love's NBA future remains shrouded in mystery.

For months the Timberwolves star has been the subject of speculation, which was expected to come to a head around draft time.

Much of the free agency business has already been conducted barring a few loose ends, with LeBron James' blockbuster return to Cleveland the move which had everybody talking.

Rumors remain, that a Kevin Love trade could still happen before the month is out.

The Cavaliers, remarkably, are the favorites to lure him from Minnesota. Yet they would have to trade number one draft pick Andrew Wiggins to do so.

That speculation has existed for more than a week now, but a deal is yet to be done, and won't be until August 23, the first date Wiggins can possibly be traded.

ESPN report the Chicago Bulls are interested in scuppering the deal.

"The Bulls have re-emerged as a determined trade suitor for Love, but it's believed Chicago would need to package at least one of those rookies (Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic) -- and maybe both -- along with Taj Gibson to have a shot at competing with Cleveland's ability to offer Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a future first-round pick for him."

They face a similar wait to Cleveland if they are to be able to do a trade, with a rookie only permitted to be traded 30 days after signing their contract.

It is a big price to pay for Love, but signing him could be the different for either play-off calibre team, to mount a serious championship push.

It's arguable Chicago need him more, despite having signed Pau Gasol, to become just that.

Bulls general manager Gar Forman refused to quell speculation this week, telling Chicago's 87.7 FM: "Anytime there's something that is available that we feel could improve our team, we've got to take a look at it."

A deal would however be controversial. Newspaper the Chicago Tribune penned an editorial, discussing that the Bulls' very integrity is an obstacle. After unveiling rookies Mirotic and McDermott this week, to suddenly trade them would present a very ruthless organisation.

To some that is just what is needed to win, but in doing so, the GM and coach will only put their own positions at risk should the huge play fail to work out.