Is that a video games console? No, it's a Transformer!

Takara Tomy Tranformers PlayStation 1

Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy are creating a line of video game console transformer toys, beginning with PlayStation and SEGA Genesis.

Those robots in disguise could be anywhere, anything… even your games console. Takara Tomy, a toymaker based in Japan, is creating new Transformer toys that can turn into games consoles.

Due for release next year, Takara Tomy has recreated Optimus Prime as Sony’s original PlayStation that was released back in 1994. With 2014 being the 30th anniversary of Transformers, and the 20th anniversary of PlayStation, we can't see any reason not to combine the two – seems as good a reason as any to us.

Takara Tomy Tranformers PlayStation 1

The toy manufacturers have also created other transformers that turn into games consoles, such as a Megatron that’s disguised as a SEGA Genesis called ‘Mega Drive Megatron’.

Takara Tomy Mega Drive Megatron 1Ah, just your standard SEGA Genesis console...

Takara Tomy Mega Drive Megatron 3But wait, what's this - *cue transformation noise* - it's a Transformer!

Along with PlayStation Optimus Prime will come the PlayStation History Collection – a series of consoles, accessories and controllers all based around Sony’s PlayStation consoles at 1/6 scale.

Hopefully the Takara Tomy will eventually create other Transformer consoles from Nintendo, Atari or even SNK Neo-Geo. Only time will tell. Thanks, Polygon.

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