Demons galore in new Lords of the Fallen Comic Con trailer

Lords Of The Fallen Screen 1

A new trailer has emerged from San Diego Comic Con for Deck13 Interactive and CI Games new hack and slash title.

Lords of the Fallen is a new action-RPG for current-gen consoles and PC which is being developed by Germany-based Deck13 Interactive in collaboration with Polish developer CI Games.

As Harkyn, a convicted criminal, you’re given a chance of redemption for your crimes and must defeat a god that wages an all-out war on humanity - who are we to question the bail procedures in video games. Anyway, in the trailer below, from IGN, there’s plenty of slo-mo action, plus glimpses of huge demons and enemies, all to the tune of Bad Moon Rising.

The game looks great, and gives off a Dark Souls vibe - if it can live up to such a comparison it’ll be on the right track to being a success.

Lords of the Fallen is due for release on 28th October in the US and 31st October in Europe for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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