The Walking Dead Humble Bundle is a comic fan's dream

The Walking Dead Humble Bundle Screen 1

More ‘pay what you want’ offers from Humble Bundle in the guise of digital comics and merch with SkyBound.

When I look at sites like Humble Bundle, with their ‘pay what you want’ mentality, I usually pay just over the minimum and receive the most basic of what’s on offer. But this time it’s different, I’m itching to go for the highest price tag of $65, but we’ll see.

For the next two weeks you can pay for a bunch of great comics from Skybound, plus if you’re so inclined you can pay extra for an exclusive The Walking Dead T-shirt that’s only available via this bundle, and there’s a Black and White Negan Action Figure for those of you who go beyond $65.

We’ve laid out what’s on offer for you below, and you can see it all on the official Humble Bundle page.

Pay what you want for:

The Walking Dead, Vol. 1

Invincible, Vol. 1

Witch Doctor, Vol. 1

Ghosted, Vol. 1

Pay more than the average (currently $10.47) to receive the above and:

The Walking Dead, Vol. 2 & 3

Thief of Thieves, Vol. 1

Super Dinosaur, Vol. 1

More comics coming soon.

Pay $15 or more to receive the above and:

The Walking Dead, Vol. 4 & 5

Pay $40 or more to receive the above and:

The Walking Dead exclusive T-Shirt

The Walking Dead, Vol. 20

Pay $65 to receive the above and:

Limited edition Negan action figure


You can also nab yourself the first three issues of The Walking Dead for free over on the Humble Bundle page by just subscribing with your email address.

As ever the donations you make can be tailored between Humble Bundle, Skybound and the three charities; Common Cents - Penny Harvest, Rett Syndrome Research Trust, and IndieCade Foundation.



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