VIDEO: Man turns mobile phone battery into explosive

Do not try this at home folks! In this video a man hits a mobile phone battery so hard that it turns into a mini explosive.

You are about to see a crazy Asian man sporting just sandals, shorts and a tee protect himself from an explosion with a thin piece of wood...

Armed with a hammer, the man unleashes fury onto a Lithium-ion phone battery, and if you aren't familiar with the science, in simple terms:

Lithium-ion cells are the most efficient battery you can currently find for a smartphone but they're not the safest. They contain highly pressurised flammable electrolyte which becomes very volatile when released to the open air. It is also extremely dangerous to inhale!

After hitting the battery with all his might, there is a short delay and then a sound like that of a gunshot ripples through the little alleyway.

The small battery is propelled into the air like a rocket and comes crashing down in a ball of flames setting his flimsy little shield alight.