The Techies, a long-awaited hero, were revealed at KeyArena in Seattle during the International 2014 All-Star match.

Amongst all the seriousness of the Dota 2 International Tournament 2014, there was some time for pure fun in the style of an All-Star match. Two teams made up of different pros from different teams, as voted for by this year’s Compendium owners, battled along the famous three-lane map for the amazing prize of a huge chunk of cheese.

The match was made up of team rOtk; Puppey (Natus Vincere), s4 (Alliance), BurNing (DK), N0tail (Fnatic) and Ferrari_430 (Invictus Gaming) who were against team XBOCT; Dendi (Natus Vincere), Load (Alliance), iceiceice (DK), Arteezy (Evil Geniuses) and Chuan (Invictus Gaming). It’s a good excuse to see teammates going head-to-head, and also as there’s no real strategy going on you’re guaranteed to see ridiculous teamfights and banter between the teams.

With all heroes but one decided on, it was down to team XBOCT’s Arteezy to make the final pick. At first it seems like Arteezy had chosen Sniper as the last pick of the match, and then boomTechies! Take a look at the IGN video below to see the reveal.

Whilst you don’t get the best overview of the new hero in this reveal, it’s still something, as they’ve been long-awaited to join Dota 2. We imagine they’ll be included in an update to the game soon, or at least we hope they will – we’ll keep you updated as and when they appear!

UPDATE: I figured out a way you can test out the Techies in Dota 2, just head on over here.

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