We show you how you can tinker around with Dota 2’s newsest addition to its hero roster.

The long-awaited Techies are coming, but when? The new hero was revealed during the All-Star match played on Saturday, but with no official date for when the Techies are to be included in a public update to the game, fans are surely hoping it’s going to be ASAP. Well, if you can’t wait, there is a way you can play as the explosive little goblins right now.

What this method allows you to do is run about the map alone, with no enemy or teammate heroes – but you can at least kill some creeps and get used to how the Techies function.

Ok let’s get started – first off you want to go to ‘Watch’ tab at the top of your screen in Dota 2’s main menu.


From here select the drop-down arrow next to ‘The International 2014’, and at the bottom of the recent games list you should see the All-Star game between Team rOtk and team XBOCT – click ‘Details’ next to this.


Now download the replay of the match and once that’s done click ‘Watch Replay’.

Once the match has loaded you’ll see it as it was played on Saturday – the various broadcaster and camera options will be in the top-right of the screen along with a greyed-out option to ‘Takeover’. Once the countdown timer for the match ends, and it starts to count upwards from zero, you can then click the ‘Takeover’ button. To get the most out of the match try to ‘takeover’ at around the 4:51 mark.

You’ll be presented with the below screen – click ‘Join Slot’ next to the Techies (the last hero on the Dire side) to assign yourself to play as them. I have tried to use the ‘Edit Settings’ to enable bots and then filled the ‘Join Slot’ sections next to the heroes’ names with bots (see screenshot below), but it doesn’t seem to work. So, I haven’t figured out if and how you can get bots in the match to practice against, or if you can invite friends, but if I do I’ll update this article. When you’re ready hit the ‘Start Game’ button and you’ll load into the match as the Techies – have fun!

I must be missing something here, right?


If you experience any problems following my instructions please let me know and I’ll update this article if needed. And please let us know how you get along trying the Techies out!

UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments, if you’re having trouble finding the All-Star match, just search for it by entering its ID number (785923491) in the ‘Recent Games’ tab ‘Match ID’ filter. Thanks, Jake L James.


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