Dota 2 International Main Event Day Two and Three Results

Dota 2 International 2014

With the lower bracket matches we’ve seen some fan favourites eliminated from the tournament and the All-Star Match taking place.

With NewBee securing their place in the grand final by winning the Upper Bracket matches on Friday, on Saturday and Sunday the Lower Bracket teams battled it out to decide who will take on NewBee today. Spoilers ahead, so be warned.

A shock elimination to be seen here between the match-up of Cloud9 and Natus Vincere – they played three matches with the third and final match being won by Cloud9. As you can see below, LGD took the win from iG to only then be defeated by Team DK, who were originally in the Upper Bracket on Friday. ViCi, who also came from the Upper Bracket, dominated their games against Cloud9 and Team DK, and took on Evil Geniuses who were eventually eliminated and take home third place.

Dota 2 Main Event Lower Bracket

With today being the last day of the tournament we’ve got a best-of-five matches line-up between Friday’s Upper Bracket winners, NewBee, and the Lower Bracket winners, ViCi. The grand final will award the winners with the Aegis of Champions trophy and make history with them also receiving the biggest prize pool in eSports history of just over $5 million USD.

The All-Star Game was also played on Saturday - it was a friendly match between players of many different pro teams put together by votes from the owners of International 2014 Compendiums. Team rOtk came out on top and won the trophy, but more importantly a new hero was revealed during that match.

Dota 2 Main All Star Match Teams

The above screenshots are taken from the official Dota 2 website, where you can also watch the matches live.

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