The Myo Armband wants to do away with your computer mouse

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Wearable computing tech on the way that allows you to control your machine with a flick of the wrist.

Causing a stir on the internet is a new wearable device known as the Myo. Coming from startup Thalmic Labs the Myo is a one-size-fits-all armband that can be used to interact with your computer by simply moving your arm around.

The Myo is capable of measuring the motion and electrical activity of the wearers arm, allowing it to differentiate specific hand gestures. The device has already been set up for a few common mouse commands such as a mouse click, double click and scroll.

Myo is planned to work with Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device and is currently available to pre-order for a September release at the price of $149.

Myo Still

How Myo differs from established motion controllers such as the Kinect (which itself has just launched for PCs) is that the tech doesn’t rely on a camera to relay movement information. Early reviewers of Myo are saying the device makes such camera based motion capture seem archaic by comparison, Digital Trends for example say Myo, “makes using Kinect look like drunk charades.”

Thalmic Labs state on their website that an programs and apps supporting Myo will be coming soon, dev kits are also available for pre-order.

Below is the Myo concept video that shows a few enticing applications for the armband including gaming, add this to your Rift and Omni combo and you have a gestural wireless control device to interact with a game in place of your mouse. 

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