Samsung trumps Apple and Nokia in new smartphone poll

A new online poll has suggested that Samsung remains the smartphone market leader, and that brand loyalty is becoming more important than ever.

With smartphone manufacturers building deeper and deeper ecosystems into their devices, smartphone loyalty is steadily becoming a very powerful force.

The new YouGov poll, commissioned by, surveyed 2,337 mobile phone owners and found that 44% of them would stick with their current manufacturer the next time they planned for get a new smartphone. Only 15% of those asked planned to change manufacturer and the remaining 41% were undecided.

It's becoming more and more common these days for people to become attached to a certain technology brand. Fans of Apple tend to stay fans for life; Apple has a very clever ecosystem that entices the user into buying each of one their products simply because they all work so well together. Samsung and Google do similar things.

When it comes to who is dominating the smartphone market share, this poll suggests Samsung is still way out in the lead: 33% of respondents currently own a Samsung as their main handset, followed by Apple at 20%, Nokia at 18% and Sony a rather distant fourth at 7%.

Android is the most popular operating system, with 34% of those surveyed saying their main current phone runs on it, while the next most popular was iOS at 19%.

It's no huge surprise that Samsung's running Android's OS are currently the most common smartphones among users. Samsung has a number of flagship smartphone product lines, the Notes and the Galaxies are just two examples. They also release more phones per year than most  at a number of price points, so they're suitable for any buyer.

The next stat you will see though is extremely interesting and reinforces what was earlier mentioned about users being tied into a certain manufacturer or OS ecosystem. The percentages of current iOS users whose last phone also ran on iOS, and Android users whose last phone ran on Android, was the same at 81% - suggesting that these operating systems command equally strong loyalty.

So whatever you start out with, whether it be an Android powered device or an iOS one, it's more than likely you will remain with that operating system for a considerable amount of time.

The poll also suggests smartphone users are as cost-conscious as ever: when asked about the reasons for choosing the manufacturer of their current handset, 37% said they liked the price, while 27% liked the way it looked. Additionally, 20% liked the features, 15% went on reviews and 14% went on recommendations from others.

A quite surprising stat discovered by the poll is that only 13% of those surveyed would change network providers the next time the opportunity arose. With providers constantly changing their deals you would expect people to shop around get the best deal rather than going with same price and provider every time.

Rob Hodges, Digital Marketer at said: “This poll indicates that smartphone users tend to stick with the same manufacturer and network once they’re signed up – and while this may be the most convenient option, it doesn’t always represent the best deal.

“With new handsets coming out all the time and networks always competing for customers, it’s always worth taking the time to browse what’s on offer when your contract runs out: switching is easy and can save you a packet.”

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