HITC questions the future with a little help from ‘Deus Ex Human Revolution’

With recent developments coming to light in the progression of robotics and artificial limbs technology. I wanted to discuss a game that explores the idea of ‘bettering the human condition.’

Deus Ex Human Revolution explores a world set in the future, which is dominated by the Idea of ‘Transhumanism’. Now although many of you may see this as an awesome concept for a game, the ideal itself is very much a reality and there are people in the world dedicated to the advancement of the Human Race.

The game itself focus’s on a character called Adam Jenson who is badly injured when terrorist’s attack his firm. Being mutilated as a result of the attack, the firm, which Adam works for, operate and give him advanced prosthetic limbs, which enable him to perform tasks that no ordinary Human could achieve. He is in a sense a ‘Super Soldier’.

What’s interesting about the game is that it explores the bigger picture of ‘Transhumanism’ and the effect it will have on society. It poses questions for and against the advancement in Cybernetic Technology. While providing a very engaging and intelligent story line, which will fuel people’s curiosity on who really controls the world.

But lets bring this back to present day. Recent news has reported that paralysed patients may be able to walk again with the aid of a robotic prosthesis that is controlled by the brain and that the FDA have approved an Exo-Skeleton suit which will aid paraplegics to walk again.

Now, while all this sounds great news for the people that need these prosthesis, at what point does the advancement stop? Does the brain control the machine or does the machine control the brain? In a world when all we talk about is equality, will Transhumanism not negate that notion or will it only be for the elite and the people who can afford it? Will it be given military applications? And what does that mean for civilians who will be unable to defend themselves against such technology? And in the words of Adam Jensen will we be declaring ‘I never asked for this’.


In other news, UFC 4: New MMA game from EA expected to be announced next week at UFC 251