Spoilers flood the net as scripts and now an episode for the upcoming 8th season of Doctor Who are shared.

The BBC’s forthcoming 8th series of Doctor Who has hit a couple of messy stumbling blocks as fans prepare for the Doctor to return August, Last week scripts for the first five episodes of the yet-to-be-screened hit sci-fi show were leaked and now to worsen things further a whole Doctor Who episode is doing the rounds of torrent sites.

The Radio Times has reported that a “rough black and white edit” of the series’ first episode, “Deep Breath”, has found it’s way out of the BBC’s care from the same server where the scripts originated. These holes in the BBC’s security can both be traced to the Beeb’s Miami office.

A brief search of torrent sites brings up a few files pertaining to be the episode.

The BBC extends it’s apologies to Doctor Who fans that may be upset by the leak and urges others not to share the files currently doing the rounds.

The leaked episode coincides with the release of the first official trailer for series 8 which the BBC are quite happy for you to watch below.

Dr Who Season eight will commence next month on Saturday August 23rd.

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