Beach and Culture in Cuba

Cuban Transport 5 Rasmus Andersen

Salsa, music, mojitos, rum, and fun beat through the veins of Cuba.

Sitting between the US and Latin America and flanked by many Caribbean islands, it has struggled to establish its own identity. Yet as a former Spanish Colony influenced by African, American, French, Jamaican, and Taino culture, you are left with little doubt as to how deep its historical heritage runs. Its strong Moorish and Spanish influences are reflected in its enriched colonial architecture, which can be seen as you amble down the many pulsating streets of Cuba.

Cuba is economically poor but culturally rich, with crumbling buildings that sit behind their polished facades and stunning Art Deco architecture that peeps between rundown structures. When Castro halted economic development in the 1960s, little did he realise what a positive impact his actions would have on preserving much of Cuba’s history. Many of its magnificent historical forts, hotels, palaces and colonial towns survived, with some being restored to their former glory.

Havana is a vibrant metropolis with its time-warped colonial core, its busy atmospheric streets with their faded glamour, and architecture influenced by art nouveau, art deco and eclectic design. Sassy vintage Cadillacs caught in their 50’s time capsule line the streets with cool bars and moody restaurants.

Trinidad offers a lovely colonial ambiance, from the narrow cobblestone streets to the colourful houses. This small, beautiful city has some of Cuba's best museums clustered around an exquisite main square, including one devoted to the struggle against the counter-revolutionaries.

Delve into the countryside and experience authentic Cuba, where locals while away their days in rocking chairs drinking rum and smoking cigars. Partake in activities like hiking, biking, caving and horse riding in countryside where you will find cloudforests and mountain ranges, birdwatching trails, sweeping vistas of sugar cane, tobacco and coffee plantations, as well as an amazing variety of flora and fauna.

There are beach resorts spanning the length and breadth of the country, with more than 300 unspoilt white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters with vivid tropical fish and many species of coral. With plenty of Latin American soul, there are countless city and resort hotels to suit everyone from discerning travellers to loved-up honeymooners.

It is, however, the people that are the life blood of Cuba. They have kept the country alive despite the infrastructure crumbling; they are welcoming, enthusiastic, lively, and polite. Their music, dance and unmistakable style will live on while Cuba dances around its transient identity.

If you want a holiday that is both blissfully beachy and culturally rich, let us know.