Live action 4K Watch Dogs parkour is incredible

Watch Dogs

YouTube channel devinsupertramp has recreated the Watch Dogs universe in stunning 4K whilst showing off many of the games features in real life.

If you’ve been playing May’s release of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, and you’ve ever though to yourself, “I could do that”, I think you should take a look at this impressive YouTube vid. OK, so this was made just before the game came out, but it's still a worthwile watch.

Filmed by Devin Graham and Teamsupertramp, the live action movie short shows off many of Watch Dogs features like citizen profiling, hacking and parkour. The costume worn by the movie’s Aiden Pearce was custom made too. Crank the resolution up to 4K and enjoy.

You can also watch the making-of video below, if you’re interested in that kinda thing like I am.


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