The Weird World of Motorsport (July 11)

Rupert Grint British Grand Prix

A wry look at some of the stranger tales from the world of motorsport.

This week we bring you news of Hockenheim's World Cup woe, Nicole's emotions as assessed by the Daily Mail, and celebs at Silverstone. But we start with...


Kimi Raikkonen doesn’t usually enjoy carrying out his media duties, but when they involve racing a lawnmower at breakneck speed the Ferrari man is a little more accommodating. Kimi got behind the wheel ahead of the British Grand Prix as part of Sky Sports' coverage and, as you'd expect, was the grass of the field (sorry).

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While Kimi was chucking a lawnmower around a field, a variety of celebrities were enjoying VIP treatment at the British Grand Prix. They included Michael Fassbender, Naomi Campbell, and Rupert Grint, who turned up at Silverstone with his arm around the giant cat that escorts him everywhere.


You may think the biggest losers in Germany's 7-1 hammering of Brazil were the World Cup hosts themselves, who had been carried on a wave of national pride only to be utterly humiliated on home turf.

But spare a thought for German Grand Prix venue Hockenheim. KHP Consulting, who work closely with the circuit, offered €11 off tickets for every goal the Germans scored, bringing the total reduction to €77.

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Naturally there was Twitter reaction to the result from German F1 drivers past and present, including world championship leader Nico Rosberg and Force India star Nico Hulkenberg. The Brazilian contingent were strangely muted, though Felipe Massa sombrely posted his country's flag the morning after the game. 



The Daily Mail continued their morbid dissection of Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger's relationship this week, running a story with the headline "Nicole Scherzinger looks glum as she heads to another interview... but smiles at dinner with Lewis Hamilton".

The article itself said very little else, though it did include a few photographs of Nicole looking glum, just so you know what a glum-looking woman looks like, and then some of her and Lewis looking cheerful.

Clearly this is groundbreaking stuff: a woman is a bit down on her way to work, but appears happier when spending time with her boyfriend. Keep up the good work, guys.

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