Seven PS4 exclusive games still to come in 2014

The Last Of Us Remastered

Ahead of the new wave of big PS4 exclusives coming in 2015 we focus on what’s going to make PS4 stand out for the rest of the year.

What’s going to set your PS4 apart from all the other consoles for the rest of 2014? Here’s seven exclusives (in no particular order) that we’re eagerly awaiting (PS4 only or console exclusive). As ever in games-land not all the release dates are set in stone so some of the games below might get delayed yet but they are still worthwhile games to get excited about.

Deep Down

A fascinating combination of Assassin’s Creed time travelling storyline and highly polished looking action RPG dungeon crawling. Deep Down is commencing beta in Japan this Summer. While there’s no news for a western release yet one is expected to follow and soon we hope. From what we’ve seen this game has us curious about the game narrative. The open free to play co-op raiding is also something of interest as are the graphics.

InFamous: First Light

Not a full release but DLC for PS4’s massively popular InFamous: Second Son, a game which really shows off the graphical upgrade with the PS4 and has some top notch lighting. Fans left wanting more will be keen to jump into First Light, a side-story focusing on Delsin’s Conduit buddy Abigail “Fetch” Walker,


Long delayed next gen super-racer DriveCub finally hits PS4 in October, itself a month full of big releases. We’re really interested to see how DriveCub fares against the competition. Post-E3 the critics are calling The Crew the best driving game although DriveClub definitely stands as another example of a graphically impressive PS4 exclusive.

The Last of Us Remastered

Ok technically not a exclusive as it’s a port from PS3 but the upscaled, faster frame rate version of TLOU has big potential to get a lot of praise a second time round not just from those that are happily playing this game again but from a whole new audience coming to PlayStation for the first time with PS4. Simply a great game (beware of spoilers in the trailer)


Rime’s release is still to be announced so we realise we’re a tad hopeful by including it in this year’s games. That said Tequila Works' beautifully styled and enigmatic game about a boy on an island has us still wanting to play it even though things have gone a little quiet fro Rime of late

Planetside 2

The port from Sony Online’s PC MMO shooter is being primed to have graphics matching maxed out PC settings. As a long running SoE MMO franchise to make the transition to PS4 we’re interested to see how well it takes in light of later plans for the MMORPG Everquest Next to be a PS4 console exclusive


Another MMO from SoE coming to PS4 as a console exclusive H1Z1 is your DayZ style open world zombie apocalypse survival game. Recent E3 footage is showing some promise with the graphics and dynamic processes used to flesh out the H1Z1 world. Again we're interested to see the response incoming MMOs get on PS4, graphics and gameplay are one thing but good server population is what you want for this game to take off.  


What do you think of the games above? Join in with your comments below. 

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