Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Trade Rumor: Kevin Love to follow LeBron?

Could Kevin Love follow LeBron James to Cleveland?

After the heartbreak of seeing hometown hero LeBron James depart for Miami four seasons ago, the prodigal son has returned.

A two time NBA champion, LeBron will now see out his career with the goal of bringing a title back to the Cavs.

Now a dream scenario for fans could just get even better, amid reports Kevin Love could follow him.

ESPN report that the Minnesota Timberwolves star is 'intrigued' by the idea of signing in Cleveland.

It is not just a pipe dream either; it is reported that Cleveland are actively trying to pursue a deal.

Two players, Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett and a first round pick are being offered in exchange for Love, who would become a free agent next year.

Love, an NBA All-Star, saw the Timberwolves fail to make the play-offs once again, and has made no secret of his desire to move on, but Minnesota are not going to let him move without securing maximum value.

LeBron moving to Cleveland serves to kick start the NBA Trades and Free Agency, and Kevin Love's much discussed future could tie in very closely to him.

If Love switches to Cleveland, LeBron's championship dream would be rapidly accelerated, and a pursuit of Love could even have been key in persuading him to sign.

It is certainly an exciting time to be backing the Cavaliers.