Will DriveClub be the best looking game yet on the PS4?

Driveclub cover

The PS4's delayed flagship new gen racing game may well be worth the wait.

Along with all the decals and worldwide multiplayer guild making what a next gen racer also aims for is realism both in the simulation of driving and in the heightened graphics and dynamic simulations of day and night cycles, weather and car wear and tear. DriveClub now being a year late will have to endure some stiff competition from both The Crew and Project CARS which come out soon after it launches. Both titles are equally ambitious in terms of bringing a deeply real racer and how the racing games public receives the three titles is a point of interest.

What DriveClub does look to be doing well is making the best of the PS4's graphics. After talking about the weather effects at E3, a feature that will be patched soon after DriveClub releases, devs Evolution are now showing them off and the results look pretty impressive.Check out the two short videos below.


A bone of contention, especially so for a racer is that DriveClub will run at the slower 30fps as Evolution have struggled to reach the 60fps bench mark although the magic 1080p resolution has been achieved. How badly this affects the gameplay is yet to be seen and the sense that even with long delays the game is being rushed resounds when DriveClub is set to launch without weather effects.

Look at the competition and there’s clear argument to say that DriveClub has the best looking graphics however and by extension will be the most graphically impressive game to land on PS4 so far.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you impressed with the graphics coming with DriveClub? Graphics aside, do you think DriveClub will be a worthwhile racer?

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