2K Games get in on the bundle deals with the BioShock games, XCOM, Mafia 2 and more on offer for two weeks.

For the next two weeks you can offer up whatever amount of cash you like to pick up some brilliant games published by 2K. There are some true classics in the mix with more games scheduled to arrive soon.

We’ve listed the games for you below as well as what you need to pay to unlock them. We highly recommend all the titles on offer, although The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is probably the weakest of the bunch, it’s definitely worth a look for XCOM fans who may be able to look past its failings on the gameplay side of things. Plus it takes you back to the humble beginnings of XCOM and switches it up as a third-person tactical shooter.

The BioShock series is a serious no-brainer pick up, these games have pushed the boundaries of the FPS genre, with the latest Bioshock Infinite intertwining story-telling and shooting bad guys seamlessly. XCOM: Enemy Unkown is another must have, and if you’re worried it won’t live up the earlier games, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Pay $1 or more and receive:


The Bereau: XCOM Declassified

The Darkness 2

Pay above the average (currently $7.40) to receive the above and:

BioShock 2

Mafia 2

Spec Ops: The Line

Pay $20 or more and get all of the above plus:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

BioShock Infinite


As ever a a portion of your donations go to charity, and this time they’ll be split between Action Against Hunger and American Red Cross.



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